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HI !

Eric Zackaroff  "Designer Gun For Hire Here "

I moved to the Charlotte Metro Area in 1996 from

Staten Island New York. Already working as a crew leader in a NY landscape company, I was recruited by a large commercial landscape construction firm based in Charlotte where I managed large scale projects.

  Working closely with and mentored by a Landscape Architect, We decided to pull our resources together, form a team and invest in a landscape design build construction company. Unfortunately, Our 3.5 million dollar company was lost to the economy of 2008. 

  Since then, I've been the hired gun putting my project management skills, my architectural design skills and my business management skills to good use helping anyone who asks ( and sometimes pays ) for it.

I've helped design and sell many, many projects in this area for the past 22 years working with and for other contractors, homeowners and businesses. 

  I enjoy talking shop with anyone who listens and give away information freely.

We love being outdoors with family and friends. We like to go camping, fishing, canoeing, sightseeing and antiquing.

Sometimes I get to ride my motorcycle.  

My wife Becky and our 4 daughters try to support me as best they can with my passions. I appreciate them immensely.

Hope to hear from you soon

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